DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Xeromelecta californica

Wings of Xeromelecta californica from Michener (2000, fig. 175)

Deltoptila montezumia

Wings of Deltoptila montezumia from Michener (2000, fig. Fig_111-1b).

Lipotriches australica

Wings of Lipotriches australica from Michener (2000, fig. 61-1a).

Allodapte mucronata

Wings of Allodapte mucronata from Michener (2000, fig. 28-4c)

Anthophora occidentalis

Wings of Anthophora occidentalis from Michener (2000, fig. 111-1a)

Chrsocolletes moretonianus

Wings of Chrsocolletes moretonianus from Michener (2000, fig.38-8a)

Epeolus Cruciger

Wings of Epeolus Cruciger from Michener (2000, fig. 175)

Augochlorella striata

wings of Augochlorella striata from Fig_63-5b

Agapostemon texanus

Wings of Agapostemon texanus from Michener (2000, fig. 64-2a)

Doeringiella verbesinae

Wings of Doeringiella from Michener (2000,Fig_93-2b)

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