DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Odyneropsis sp.

Wings of Odyneropsis sp. from Michener (2000, fig. 93-2a).


Forewing of Colletes from Michener (2000, fig. 38-6).

Ceratina dupla

Wings of Ceratina dupla from Michener (2000, fig. 87-4).

Augochloropsis metallica

Wings of Augochloropsis metallica from Michener (2000, fig. 65-1c).

Meliltturga clavicornis

Wings of Meliltturga clavicornis from Michener (2000, fig. 54-1).

Anthophora occidentalis

Wings of Anthophora occidentalis from Michener (2000, fig. 111-1a).

Augochlorella striata

Wings of Augochlorella striata from Michener (2000, fig.63-5b).

Allodape mucronata

Wings of Allodape mucronata from Michener (2000, fig. 28-4c).

Exaerete smaragdina

Exaerete smaragdina

Wings of Exaerete smaragdina from Michener (2000, fig. 116-5b).


Wings of Tatogastrinae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 182).

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