DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.


Wings of Ophioninae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 173).

Melitta leporina

Wings of Melitta leporina from Michener (2000, fig.66-1a).

Meliltturga clavicornis

Wings of Meliltturga clavicornis from Michener (2000, fig. 54-1).

Neolarra verbesinae

Wings of Neolarra verbesinae from Michener (2000, fig. 97-1a).

Agapostemon texanus

Wings of Agapostemon texanus from Michener (2000, fig. 64-2a).

Lasioglossum leucozonium

Wings of Lasioglossum leucozonium from Michener (2000, fig. Fig_64-1a).

Bombus pennsylvanicus

Wings of Bombus pennsylvanicus from Michener (2000, fig.117-1).


Wings of Gnamptodontinae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 151).


Wings of Trachypetinae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 144).


Wings of Mesochorinae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 169).

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