DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Lasioglossum leucozonium

Wings of Lasioglossum leucozonium from Michener (2000, fig.Fig_64-1a).

Lipotriches australica

Wings of Lipotriches australica from Michener (2000, fig. 61-1a).

Callomelitta picta

Wings of Callomelitta picta from Michener (2000, fig. 38-2a).

Chrsocolletes moretonianus

Wings of Chrsocolletes moretonianus from Michener (2000, fig.38-8a).

Ceratina dupla

Wings of Ceratina dupla from Michener (2000, fig. 87-4).

Augochloropsis metallica

Wings of Augochloropsis metallica from Michener (2000, fig. 65-1c).

Epeoloides coecuties

Wings of Epeoloides coecuties from Michener (2000, Fig_102-3a).

Mesonychium garleppi

Wings of Mesonychium garleppi from Michener (2000, Fig_114-4b).

Systropha curvicornis

Wings of Systropha curvicornis from Michener (2000, fig. 60-1a).

Habralictus trinax

Wings of Habralictus trinax from Michener (2000, fig. 64-2b).

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