How to use Drawwing?

Run DrawWing-0.45_setup and follow the instructions.

Browse wing images
Use Menu File > Open (Ctrl+O) to view single file. DrawWing opens images in following formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF. I prefer PNG because of its good compression without loss of quality. If the information about resolution is not included in the image file user needs to provide this information. Without correct information about resolution DrawWing will not work correctly. In case of standard wing images (with extension .dw.png) information about measurement points will be displayed as well. It is possible to correct the position of the points using drag-and-drop method. The changes of the points position need to be saved using Menu File > Save data (Ctrl-S). In order to obtain coordinates of the points use Menu View > Data (Ctrl+D). The coordinates are in bitmap coordinate system - (0,0) point is in the upper left corner of the image. Coordinates of the vein junctions in Cartesian coordinate system can be saved in TPS format using Menu File > Export to TPS. The TPS files can be used with TPS software. Indices used by beekeepers can be obtained using Menu View > Apis indices. The indexes can be further analysed using MorphPlot by Peter Edwards. In order to brows larger number of standard wing images use Menu File > Open dw.png directory. In order to navigate between images from the folder use Menu File > Open next file (Ctrl+Right) or Open previous file (Ctrl+Left).

honeybee (Apis mellifera) wings right wing honeybee (Apis mellifera) left wing ____________________
Analyse wing images
In order to analyse single wing image displayed in DrawWing window use Menu Wing > Apis junctions (Ctrl+A). If the image is large and contains many images the analysis can take relatively long time. Progress bar displayed at the status bar can be used to estimate the remaining time of the analysis. In order to analyse many wing image from one folder use Menu Wing > Apis junctions dir.
During analysis wings detected in an image are cropped out and saved as Standard wing images in the same folder as the analysed image. The file names of the created images are the same of the analysed image but with appended wing number and information if this is a right (R) or left wing (L). In case of the image shown here two standard wing images were created. Smaller hind wings at the moment are not detected by DrawWing. You can use "Step by step" option in order to control more precisely the analysis. In step by step analysis of images with more than one wing use Menu Wing > Next step.

landmarks in honeybee (Apis mellifera) wing ____________________
Classification of honeybee (Apis mellifera) subspecies
Before you can perform the classification you need to analyse a set of forewings from one colony. The standard wing images obtained from the analysis should be placed in one directory.
In order to classify a colony to subspecies use Menu Classify > Tofilski2008 > choose directory with standard wing images.
At the moment three subspecies can be discriminated (A. m. carnica, A. m. cuacasica, A. m. mellifera). The discrimination is based on 18 vein junctions (0-17). Details of the classification are described in:
Tofilski A., 2008. Using geometric morphometrics and standard morphometry to discriminate three honeybee subspecies. Apidologie 39:558-563.
Results of the classification should be interpreted with care. Subspecies not included in the classification for example A. m. ligustica will be classified as one of the three subspecies.

If you have any problems with using the software please let me know by sending an email to:


Sir,i am working assistant professor in zoology dept.kamaraj college ,tuticorin , south india.I have selected orthoptera wings morphometry study ,my student project.I use what type of scanner and windows,software.Please guide.Thanks.


If you can afford it I recommend photographic scanner Coolscan 5000 ED (see )
If you are looking for something cheaper you can try flatbed scanner with slide adapter (also called slide attachment) for exapmle: HP scanjet 3570c , HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner
Some more information you can find here:

DrawWing software works only wing Apis and Bombus wings. For orthoptera you can use tpsDig software. -> Software -> Data acquisition -> tpsDIG2

When you collect some data I can try to add them to DrawWing.

Best wishes


only apis?

hello! this software only for Apis analysis, or and for other insects?

colorado potato beetles in russia

apis and bombus

At the moment DrawWing is working only with Apis and possibly Bombus.
Are you interested in a particular species?
Are you able to provide me images of the species?


Hello, Adam. My interes -

Hello, Adam. My interes - colorado potato beetle :)

colorado potato beetles in russia

windows 7

I am having trouble getting Drawwing to work with my canon CanoScan lide 700F scanner and new laptop. Is DrawWing compatable with Windows 7? I can scan in the wings but get odd values. Also where do I drop my data into Morphplot? Do I have to wipe the template and then drop my data in?


windows 7

It should work with Windows 7, however I still use Windows XP.
I am not author of Morphplot. What I know you should replace the data in xls file with your data.
If it is possible please send me ( ) one of you wing images. Then I will tell you if it works ok.
Best wishes


margies scans

Thanks for checking out the scans I sent and doing the work on them. I will have another go and see if I can make some better progress.