DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.


Wings of Diplazontinae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 164).


Wings of Sierolomorphidae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 69).


Wings of Megalyridae from Goulet and Huber (1993, fig. 190).

Neolarra verbesinae

wings of Neolarra verbesinae from Michener (2000, fig.97-1a}


Wings of Odyneropsis from Michener (2000, fig. 93-2a)

Epeoloides coecuties

Wings of Epeoloides coecuties rom Michener (2000, fig.102-3a).

Paranomada velutina

Wings of Paranomada velutina from Michener (2000, fig. 91-3)

Stenotritus pubescens

Wings of Stenotritus pubescens from Michener (2000, fig. 36-1a)

Melitta leporina

Wings of Melitta leporina from Michener (2000, fig. 66-1a)

Xylocopa tabaniformis

Wings of Xylocopa tabaniformis from Michener( 2000, fig.86-2)

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