DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Tinearia altenata, wing

Wing of Tinearia altenata from Papp and Darvas (str. 209 fig. 17).

Nearctic asilidae, wing

Wing of Nearctic asilidae from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 9)

Orthogonis stygia, wing

Wing of Orthogonis stygia from Wood (1981, fig. 14)

nearctic bombyliidae, wing

Wing of nearctic bombyliidae from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig43)

nearctic bombyliidae

Cerotainiops, wing

Wing of Cerotainiops from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. )

skrzydełko odawka, wing

Wing of skrzydełko owadka from Papp and Darvas

"Skrzydło owada,wing"

"Wing of skrzydło owada"

Nearctic Asilidae, wing

"Wing of [Nearctic Asilidae] from Papp and Darvas"

Laphystia sexfasciata, wing

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