DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

About Drawwing

DrawWing is a software for analysis of insect wing images and extraction of some information about the wings. The information can be used for insects identification. At the moment DrawWing is designed to work with honeybee (Apis) wings. In future it should work properly with all insects wings.

About DrawWing

Symphoromyia hirta, wing

"Wing of Symphoromyia hirta from Papp and Darvas."

Symmetricella mogollonensis, wing

Symmetricella mogollonensis

Scenopinus pecki, wing

"Wing of Scenopinus pecki from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 1)."

Litoleptis alaskensis skrzydło

Skrzydlo Litoleptis alaskensis

Hilarella hilarella, wing

Wing of male of Hilarella hilarella from Shewell (1981, fig. 104)

Neorhinotora diversa, wing

Wing of Neorhinotora diversa from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 3)

"Platypezina diversa ,wing

"Wing of Platypezina diversa from Papp and Darvas (1998

Bolbomyia macgillisi, wing

Wing of female of Bolbomyia macgillisi from James and Turner (1981, fig. 9).

Pyrgotella chagnoni,wing

Wing of male of Pyrgotella chagnoni from Steyskal (1981, fig. 3)

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