DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Sycorax silacea, wing

Wing of Sycorax silacea from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig.10).

Pachyneura fasciata, wing

Wing of Pachyneura fasciata rom Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 3)

Anarete vernalis wing

Wing of Anarete vernalis from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 76)

Satchelliella canescens, wing

Wing of Satchelliella canescens from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 9)

Promachus bastardii, wing

Wing of male of Promachus bastardii from Wood (1981, fig. 18)

Pseudoerinna fuscata, wing

Wing of Pseudoerinna fuscata from Papp and Darvas (fig. 8)

Eupachygaster tarsalis, wing

Wing of Eupachygaster tarsalis from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 51)

Microchrysa polita

"Wing of Microchrysa polita from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 46)."

Aprionus spiniger, wing

Wing of Aprionus spiniger from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 83).

Zabrachia minutissima, wing

Zabrachia minutissima str. 398 fig. 52

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