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DrawWing software automaticaly describes insects wings and helps to identify them.

Momia eatoni, wing

Wing of Momia eatoni from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 30)

Campylomyza flavipes, wing

Wing of Campylomyza flavipes from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 85).

Arctepidosis jamalensis

wing of Arctepidosis jamalensis

Bryocrypta dubia

"Wing of Bryocrypta dubia from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig.174)."

Diallactes croceus

Wing of Diallactes croceus from Manual of Palaearctic Diptera Vol 2 (str. 99 fig. 175).

Parasynapta intermedia str. 99 fig. 180

Wing of Parasynapta intermedia

Xylopriona atra

"Wing of Xylopriona atra from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig.str. 86 fig. 81)."

Eucatocha betsyae, wing

Wing of Eucatocha betsyae from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 72).

Micromya lucorum

Wing of Micromya lucorum from Papp and Darvas (1998, fig. 79).

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