Zodion obliquefasciatum, wing

Zodion obliquefasciatum, wing

Wing of female of Zodion obliquefasciatum from Smith and Peterson (1981, fig. 13) [1].


  1. Smith K.G.V., Peterson B.V.
    (1981) Conopidae. in: McAlpine J.F. (Ed.), Manual of Nearctic Diptera. Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, pp. 749-756.

Key wing venation character of Zodion

Compare the wing diagram above with that of the closely related conopid genus Dalmannia, seen here (where the anal cell is labelled "cup", and the basal medial cell "bm").

In Zodion, the anal cell is fairly long...appreciably longer than the basal medial cell directly above it.

In Dalmannia, the anal cell is short...only slightly longer than the basal medial cell.