Physocephala texana, wing

Physocephala texana, wing

Wing of female of Physocephala texana from Smith and Peterson (1981, fig. 8) [1].


  1. Smith K.G.V., Peterson B.V.
    (1981) Conopidae. in: McAlpine J.F. (Ed.), Manual of Nearctic Diptera. Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, pp. 749-756.

Labelled version available

There's also a labelled version of the wing of a female Physocephala texana in McAlpine (Vol 1) on page 102 (Fig 53). The labelled version would be more useful for some purposes. In addition, that version illustrates the darker upper half of the wing of this species more clearly.

I'm new to this site, but I guess I could create a JPEG out of that figure in McAlpine and post it on DrawWing, now that I have an account. (I presume copyright issues are OK for this use of that particular work, as the publisher has made it downloadable online, and the intent here is for properly cited academic purposes. Is that correct?)

But if I post the labelled figure, how do I code the appropriate citation when entering the post?

Reading the DrawWing "Help" page, it seemed I could use the format <bib>citekey</bib>...but what do I put in for "citekey"? Do I have to create a new entry like this one for the bibliography page? [That citation refers to "Chapter 2 Morphology and Terminology - Adults" of McAlpine (1981), but the figure I want to upload is in Chapter 4 Key to Families - Adults, pp 89-124 of McAlpine (1981). If so, how do I create such a "citekey" entry for DrawWing?


Labelled version available

The labelled figure is better.
It would be great if you could add the figure. JPG format is ok but PNG would be better.
If you would like to cite the chapter 4 please use the citekey:

The "citekey" you can find in the bibliography page:
in the field "Citation Key"

If a publication is cited for the first time you can create new bibliography entry using: Create content -> Bibliography -> Publication type -> Journal Article

Please let me know if you have any problems with this.
Thank you for you help.


OK, posted the labelled

It can be viewed here. Thanks for your assistance.